Welcome to the Real-World Lab Accessibility
We are concerned with the design, development and evaluation of novel technologies that can be leveraged by disabled people to lead self-determined lives. By examining the interplay between digital technology and physical space, our work also asks whether and how the presence of technology can enhance our usage and experience in space. The goal of the Real-World Lab Accessibility is to open up new perspectives on technology, spaces, and their potential to appreciate human diversity, thereby contributing to more inclusive societies.
We work in close collaboration with ACCESS@KIT, the Center for Digital Accessibility and Assistive Technology that supports disabled students in their studies at KIT. 
A picture of VR glasses lying on a table
Workshop at MUC 2024


We are pleased to announce that our workshop "Envisioning the Future of Accessible Immersive Technology: Creating a Roadmap and Building Community" has been accepted for this year's Mensch & Computer conference in Karlsruhe. You can find the participation details and more information about participating in the workshop here.


A abstract depiction of neuro diversity at work.
Publication at CHIWORK 2024


We are pleased to announce that our submission "Neurodivergence and Work in Human-Computer Interaction: Mapping the Research Landscape" has been accepted and will be published at the CHIWORK Conference 2024. We will present it at the end of June in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK). The paper describes a literature review in the field of neurodivergence and technology in the context of work.

Girls' Day

Our Real-World Lab Accessibility organizes together with she.codes the workshop "Games for Everyone on the Calliope Mini-Computer Programming" for the Girls' Day at KIT, which takes place on 25.04.2024. More information and registration can be found on the workshop website.